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If you need help with a Business Loan, Hard Money Mortgage, or Private Funding for your business, Then you came to the right place.

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Financial Services Offered

  • Business Loan/ Line of Credit
  • Business Investor
  • Joint Venture
  • Hard Money Buy and Hold Mortgage
  • Hard Money Fix and Flip Mortgage
  • Commercial Mortgage/ Construction Loan
  • Bridge Loan
  • Equipment Financing
  • Private Cash Out Refinance

    • What Makes Us Different?

      We are a full service finance firm, this means that we do not have a one size fits all approach for our clients.  Every business has different needs and we strive to provide the products for different companies that are going to make them most successful.  In addition we are a private equity firm with a number of different funds and investor pools so not only are we able to present your investment opportunity to at least 25 different private investors to compete in giving you the absolute best terns and conditions on the funding you are looking for, if we think that you have not been provided the offer you should have been, then we will beat the terms of our private investors and fund your venture with one of our own funding pools.  This means you are always getting the best offers available to you without having to deal with multiple companies that don’t always have your best interest in mind.

    • We Fund Fast

      With the combined years of experience we have at the firm, we understand that when a client calls to request working capital it is because they need it as fast as possible.  We don’t request documents unless they are imperative to getting you the business loan you are looking for and we can typically have a wire in your  bank account within 48 hours of receiving the necessary documents and signed contract.

    • Consider Us A Partner

      Way too many companies in this industry worry about providing 1 loan or investment into a new client, we are the complete opposite of this.  We are in business to work with you over the long term and want to understand what you are trying to accomplish 5 -10 years from now so that we can use our resources to assist you in accomplishing and surpassing those goals of growing your business and assisting in your endeavors so that you are receiving the highest return on your investments.  Our agents are there for you when you need it the most and make themselves available during, after, and before typical business hours.  We want you to know your agent on a first name basis so that any time your business needs capital regardless of the amount, you know that you can contact us and we will provide you with the means to continue to grow and expand.

    • Behind The Scenes

      Our economy was built on the American dream of being able to go into business for yourself and if you offer a better product or service than your competitor then you should at least have the opportunity to compete for business.  In today’s world there are too many large corporate companies that are backed by the big financial institutions that receive business not because they are better, but because they have thrown ethics and morals to the wind and done everything possible to bankrupt their smaller competition.   In lieu of this we are in the process of building a non-profit organization designed to offer protection and imperative information and guidance for small businesses across the world.  The Small Business Protection Agency is our way of doing our part to make sure that in a few generations we still have family owned small and medium sized businesses competing with large industry leading companies.  We will continue to put out more information about this project of ours and do what we can to assist your company’s success.

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    • Don't Have The Time To Wait 4 Months For a SBA at Local Bank?

      If you have business plans that are moving rapidly and you need capital now, we understand.  In business now a days opportunities can present themself very rapidly and also disappear without slowing down.  Big banks cater to big corporations, we are here to assist all the small – medium businesses that aren’t already over leveraged.  We can get you the funds you need in 1 week.

    • Our Success Checklists

      If you need help getting started, follow our success checklists – Contact us now and request a welcome package with success checklist. 888-302-4618

    • Don't Have Enough Capital To Invest In That Home You Know Will Make 200% ROI?

      Thats exactly why we created our joint venture program.  We match you up with another like minded business partner that is in the same position that you are in.  We assist you in opening a new business together and get you into the investment property that you are confident will make you the money you are looking for and we can assist you from start to finish with fix and flip projects if requested.